DDB was founded on the principles of creativity and humanity. We believe sticking with the status quo is a recipe for stagnation. Today, DDB is guided by an active search for diversity at all levels. It’s the source of our inspiration and we look for it in our work, our people and our partners to fuel our culture of inclusion.

That’s why we constantly strive for a diverse mix of partners and suppliers to create insightful work and to help us change the future of business. This collaboration helps us create more relevant projects that resonate with our evolving audiences. To further our goal we’ve established the Diversity + Creativity Partners Program.

Our Team

The Diversity + Creativity Partners Program includes our North American agencies: DDB New York, Roberts + Langer DDB, DDB California, Rodgers Townsend, Spike DDB, Tribal Worldwide, DDB Chicago, Downtown Partners, Alma, Interbrand, TracyLocke and DDB Corporate.

Diversity Champions

The Diversity + Creativity Advisory Council includes people from teams across the agency network, at various management levels. Lead by the Director of Diversity, all these people work together to figure out how to get everyone in our networks talking and thinking strategically about diversity inclusion:

  • Influence and support diversity initiatives across all areas of the business
  • Drive and share network best practices to strengthen multicultural awareness and growth
  • Put specific teams to work on constantly expanding our diversity efforts